Wake up call at Scout Camp

Gunjan Pagare

I had the privilege of being guided by Fr. More as an Air Scout for the formative years of my school life. I found myself being very influenced by his enigmatic personality. The few indelible memories that I have of him are of me being taught to fly model airplanes and getting kicked at 5am in the morning as a wake up call at the Air Scouts Camps!

Disciple, integrity and dedication are some of the virtues he tried to embed amongst every student at Campion. I also had the honour of being one of the four scouts chosen to be at his side on his state funeral. An institution by himself….salutations, Fr. More!

Sympathy and selflessness

Lt Col George K Poonjatt

Father More was indeed an institution in himself. He steered Campion in a manner that probably no one else could do!! He was strict in the conventional sense, but was endowed with an enormous quantity of sympathy and selflessness.

I have seen myself during my 4th grade at Campion in 1970, the dear reverend Father cleaning the school lavatories himself. He lent an air of glamour and large dollops of sophistication to the school, in as so much that the local populace were envious of every single Campionite in Bhopal.

Thanks to his farsightedness, Campion was the only institution that boasted of a full fledged Scouts and NCC troop!! No wonder, he was the first Air Scout of India!! Many do not know this fact.

Thank you Father, for giving us the right direction and the right thought during our initial schooling days!! We still cherish the same.

Fr More and Bus Engines

Capt Chandrashekhar Swaminathan

My association with Father More started in 71 and those days he was more tweaking those Bus Engines in the Make Shift Garage of the Old School to get 7 Buses ready on time. Used to meet him with Father Pereira (who was more a Great Cook than a Moral Science Teacher) and his NCC Scout days.

Miss you!

Sean Babal

I spent a lot of quality time with Father More especially building model planes with him and he was my more favourite teacher. I miss him a lot.

Happy Birthday, Fr More!

Dilip Rao (Campion School, Bhopal : 1970) 

On this day – 20th July, 1907 – you were born as Manolo to Jose and Ana in Barcelona.  We remember you on this day, Father and wonder what your early life might have been.

At St Luke’s, Solan

Dr Uday Sharma

Fr. More joined St. Luke’s Solan (Himachal Pradesh). He was an iconic personality and the most loved person in the school. The Bharat Scouts and Guides were started in the school in his tenure and we all were thrilled by his approach to instil discipline and self-confidence. His sudden demise in an accident still brings tears to our eyes. Happy Birthday Father.

All of us at St Luke’s Solan

Some of us – lucky ones – had a chance to share a few memorable moments with Father More at St Luke’s Solan. We all remember him for his “Boy Scouts and Girl Guides” activities. I’m sure my seniors at St Luke’s have a lot more to add – this note is just to initiate a thread of comments from St Lukes.

Rajdeep Singh Hara

Fr Moore was a Giant who walked amongst us small people …… leading us all the way with his wit … wisdom … and above all else fatherly love …… St Lukes Alumni Boarder …. I love ‘n miss you man …. Fine ……. 🙂

Shailesh Sharma

Hi Everybody……I have spent some wonderful days with father More in my school days at St. Lukes School, Solan H.P.

Admiral Tahiliyani’s Visit

Raja Mukherjee 

It is indeed unfortunate that the video of Admiral R.H.Tahiliyani’s visit to Bhopal to meet up with Fr More is lost. The Admiral was Chief of Naval Staff at that time and among the first batch of students of Campion School, Mumbai. Coincidently, our beloved Mr K.S.Naruka (Kaalu Sir) was one of Admiral Tahilayani’s drill instructors in the Navy.

Mr Arjun Singh’s son Mr Rahul Singh is an alumnus of Campion Bhopal. When the land for the present premises was acquired during Fr More’s time, Mr Arjun Singh was Education Minister of MP.

If any one has a copy of the videos Fr Lombart mentioned, it would be great.

Teachers at Campion


I Joined Campion in 1971 at OLD Campion Building. I indeed consider myself Fortunate & Lucky to be part of this Great Pathfinding Institution, made all the More Popular by Pure & Towering Personalities like Fr. E.F.More, Fr. Joe Saldhana, Fr. Pereira & Fr. Ryan, along with Teachers like Ojha Sir, Rodrigues Madam, Sir. Peter Michael, Sir.Menon Bro’s etc, who taught us.

I Vividly remember the Scouts Meeting, Bonfire Songs, the NCC Parade, the Sports Meet etc. I can still feel “The Golden Pinch” of Father More whenever the hair grows a little more than usual. MY TRIBUTES TO THE GREAT SOUL.

Fr Joe Saldanha & Fr More

Raja Mukherjee 

I joined in 74. I had the good fortune of seeing Fr More during class 3 onwards. I also happened to be with Fr Joe Saldanha during his last few days in Mumbai. There have been myths about differences between these great individuals. Fr Joe’s last words about Fr More were so full of compassion, love and admiration that reproducing them here would be trivializing his sentiments. How blessed are we to have grown under the shadow of these saintly figures.

In 2009, at Naval yacht club, Colaba, Mumbai, we met fellow Campionites from 1969 batch onwards. They were calling us kids (that made our day, at 40+ being from batch of 83). The jokes they shared we reserve for another occasion, for a gathering around the fire in Campion grounds if such a day comes indeed. This site is like the big trees in the ground (both have since been been decimated) on either end of the football ground whose shade we sought to take a breather. Anybody to shed a tear with me for “Kaalu” Kailash Singh Naruka, whose sole family was Campion?