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Greetings from Fr. Lakra, Principal – Campion Bhopal

Email received from Father Athnas Lakra, S.J., current Principal of Campion School, Bhopal.

Dear Mr. Dilip Rao,

First of all my sincere congratulations for a good success in your life. I am happy that you are working in California and thinking of us, particularly Campion school.

It is very encouraging for me that you are indebted to Fr. More and the school even today. Let us keep up the same and the right spirit for our growth.

This is to inform you very personally and joyfully that Campion School is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee with the inaugural Jubilee celebration on 1st December, 2014. This celebration will continue for one year and will be concluded on 1st December, 2015.

For your kind information there are different committees formed for the Golden Jubilee celebration. I have involved a few old students also in the committees who are in Bhopal and who can guide us all by their suggestions and so on. Yes, the school as ‘Alma Mater’ needs kind help in various ways from all the ex-Campionites. Surely, finance is one of the ways. Since the Golden Jubilee celebration is for one year, therefore I expect some involvement and programmes to be organized by the old students in the name of Jubilee.

You have given a very good suggestion, i.e. to name the street in the name of Fr. More. I am personally happy to support this idea. I shall talk to the staff also about this good suggestion and let us see what we can do together for it.

I shall put forward to the staff about your another suggestion, i.e. how to celebrate Fr. More’s Birth Day on 20th July. As the class begins from 18th June, I have an idea to take along the planning of Golden Jubilee celebration too with the help of different committees. Let me know how the old students can help make it the best celebration as a part of sweet remembrance in the future. This is my humble request to you to please pass this message to our other old students also.

I am delighted to inform you that two of our Campion School students, namely Deepak Kinra and Nitish Asnani got the 1st and 3rd ranks in the state in 12th class Board examination. It is really a matter of joy and pride for the school.

Please keep it in touch with me. I shall let you know more later as the committees start functioning actively for this good cause.

Looking forward to your good and valuable suggestions ahead.

Fr. Athnas Lakra, S.J. - Principal, Campion School, Bhopal

An interview and appointment at house door!

Mohammad Naseem Qureshi

I am Mohammad Naseem Qureshi.  In June 1970 I was appointed as a lab demonstrator. Father More surprisingly came to my house with Principal Saint Francis (name forgotten) in a white Ambassador car, called me and asked we heard you are in need of a Job?  First I was astonished and looking him wondered, ‘how this English man has come to my house?’. Actually he was from Spain.

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A Street Named after Father More?

One initiative talked about since 2007 is to name the road in front of Campion Bhopal after Father More.  I have set up an online petition on this website to collect signatures of support for this project, but it will need people on the ground in Bhopal to secure support from the school, lobby the authorities and submit the required paperwork.

This could be a good initiative to get people together in 2013.  What do you think?  Do post your comments here or simply sign the petition on the right!

Images from Gaudi

Since Father More was born in Barcelona, I thought I’d use images that would reflect his heritage.  Antoni Gaudi is the famous Spanish Catalan architect who was responsible for Barcelona’s most famous landmark, the Sagrada Familia.  Father More would have grown up around this monument (which remains incomplete though commenced in 1882 – Indian builders, perhaps?).

The images on the site are tiles ascribed to Gaudi and I thought they would be a nice touch.  Let me know what you think!

[Image credit: Lavinia Marin, Bucharest, Romania]