“Gold Medals”

Sarab Iqbal Singh Sokhey 

As my dear friend Dr. J.P. Chaudhary says, Fr. More instilled class in us. He brought the best of the western world standards. I live in the US and work in the Corporate world. Like many Campionites I am successful in this country. I dedicate my success to the “Gold Medals” I got from this great soul and wonderful teachers like Mr. Ojha (who I mimic when I do my presentations in corporate America), Tomychan Mathew, Mr. Peter Michael. God bless them.

Monkey Bridge and Knots

Shovit Bhattacharya 

Father E.F. More!!! The name itself rings bells in our ears!!! I agree with Lt. Col George that Father More was an institution in himself. He has developed the best school of Bhopal, not only the school but its values and virtues that makes us the Campionites different from others.

I remember him kicking us from behind and leading the air show during the sports day with his gliders. He taught us to make monkey bridge and all types of knots with the scout’s rope. He also took us for trekking on the hills behind the school. He also taught us tricks of gardening during the SUPW periods.

He was really a very dynamic person. He was very disciplined but at the same time he was very lovable.

At the time of his funeral many old and renowned personalities from Campion Bombay came down to Bhopal to pay their respects. I feel very lucky to be a part of the institution that this great soul made for us. And I was able to get training from this great personality. Father More you will always be there in our hearts.

Thanks Dilipji for starting such a nice website.

Jai Ho!

Ashish Biswas 

The one activity which appealed to me the most in school was the boy scouts. Whether it was a routine Saturday muster or the scout camps at Madh island and Pachmari or making and crossing the monkey bridge using scout staves – it has all been an experience of a life time.

Father, I still use the knots on rope that u taught us though I must admit I have forgotten to tie all the 8/9 knots in one rope.

Dear Father More – on ur 103 rd b’day – for all that u have done for us – I can only say – jai ho father more ji – apki jai ho

Football Coach

Kunal Dutta 

As Mr Gautam has said, trying to describe Fr More in words one is bound to fall short. Few people know that there was a hostel in old Campion School and I was one of the lucky few inmates there. Hence, I had a very close association with the great soul.

All of us in the hostel got a fair share share of his kicks, punches and ‘Gold Medals’ for the various misdeeds committed, but the respect for that great man only grew and grew. His selfless dedication to the school as a whole, and to us was just astounding.

I vividly remember him coming over to my side at the dining table and teach me how to use the knife, fork and spoon while eating. He told me that even while eating chapatis with curry or dal we should not dirty our hands.

Whatever football I played till national level in schools was again more due to him than myself. He used to be my coach while in the hostel. I only wish I could tell him that I only played at the position he asked me to (Right Full Back), that till the time I played for any team, no goal was scored against that team. He always wanted me to play at that position.

I am too late in trying to inform him this little feat to him, but I this is dedicated to that person, who was probably the greatest principal a school could ever have. My oblations of highest regards to that eternal man.

“Zamane Bade Shaukh Se…”

Syed Pervez Jamal Bari, 1970

Well said, Akhilesh. I totally concur with your move to celebrate July 20th the Birth Anniversary of Fr. E. F. More, SJ, the Campion School’s Founder Principal, as Founders Day every year at Campion School by the students and school management.

Furthermore a chapter should be included in the Campion School’s syllabus about the life sketch of Fr. More and his works for the new generation to know the great man’s selfless service, dedication, commitment to society at large. It was the vision of Fr. More of what we are today and his legacy continues in the shape of Campion School at Bhopal with all its glory even after 45 years of its inception in 1965.

I salute him on his 103rd Birthday. Long live the Memory of the Great Saint.

“Zamana Bade Shaukh Se Sun Raha Tha Dastan Meri,

Hum He So Gaye Dastaan Kahte Kahte.”

The above couplet aptly describes his legacy.


Dr. J.P.Chowdhary (1980) 

I vividly remember Father More being an unique personality. He was there when I joined school in 1975 (I was transferred from Lucknow Boys High School) the aeromodelling and the band were his contributions to the school. I support Anil Chug to declare 20th July as founder Fr E F More day.

103rd Anniversary

Dilip Mishra 

On his 103rd birth anniversary, we bow our head to that great soul and seek his blessings that we as worthy students of his give back to this society even a fraction of what he has bestowed on us.

Yet your spirit is alive…

Samuel B.Francis 

Romans 8:10 10 : But if Christ is in you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness.

Romans 8:11 11 : And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you. We will surely meet you at the sound of the trumpet.

Founder’s Day at Campion?

Mohammad Masih Bukhari \

Students of Campion during the sixties and seventies even today acknowledge with gratitude the profound impact that Father More had during their formative years in the school. Father More not only gave Campion a flying start in 1965, he also laid a solid foundation for Campion’s future as well as he propelled Campion as the best School in the region.

It would be in the fitness of things if his Birth Anniversary July 20th is celebrated as the Founders Day at Campion both by the School as well as the Old Students.

Seek your blessings!

Ajay Sachdeva, 1969

To our revered Fr.More, education was not something to be imparted with just academic learning. It was about developing into men of character, integrity, selflessness, it was about taking responsibility for our lives, of standing by one’s true convictions and relentlessly pursuing one’s goals with a total sense of commitment.

Fr More – you always led by example and it is these virtues that you helped instil in us that makes us walk with our heads held high. On this 103rd anniversary, we fondly remember you and know that your spirit will forever continue to guide us as we navigate this journey of life!

We seek your Blessings!