Ek shabd mein kya tareef karun…

Anil Ojha

Father More is a role model for all Campionites. Lot has been said about Him and we can go on writing endlessly about the Great Saint.

The best way to pay tribute to HIM is by judiciously following the examples set by him. Let us all abstain from Smoking/Drinking on 20th July. Let us render help to at least one needy person on 20th July. Let each one of us make at least 3 resolutions to improve our life, to be strictly followed from 20th July 2010 – 20th July 2011.

Ek Shabd me kya Tareef Karun Father More Ki, Father More, Shabdon mein kahan sama payenge. Bas Itna jaan Lo ki jab bhi baat chalegi, sampoorna shiksha ki, Campionites ki aankhon mein sirf father More hi nazar aayenge.