Football Coach

Kunal Dutta 

As Mr Gautam has said, trying to describe Fr More in words one is bound to fall short. Few people know that there was a hostel in old Campion School and I was one of the lucky few inmates there. Hence, I had a very close association with the great soul.

All of us in the hostel got a fair share share of his kicks, punches and ‘Gold Medals’ for the various misdeeds committed, but the respect for that great man only grew and grew. His selfless dedication to the school as a whole, and to us was just astounding.

I vividly remember him coming over to my side at the dining table and teach me how to use the knife, fork and spoon while eating. He told me that even while eating chapatis with curry or dal we should not dirty our hands.

Whatever football I played till national level in schools was again more due to him than myself. He used to be my coach while in the hostel. I only wish I could tell him that I only played at the position he asked me to (Right Full Back), that till the time I played for any team, no goal was scored against that team. He always wanted me to play at that position.

I am too late in trying to inform him this little feat to him, but I this is dedicated to that person, who was probably the greatest principal a school could ever have. My oblations of highest regards to that eternal man.