Monkey Bridge and Knots

Shovit Bhattacharya 

Father E.F. More!!! The name itself rings bells in our ears!!! I agree with Lt. Col George that Father More was an institution in himself. He has developed the best school of Bhopal, not only the school but its values and virtues that makes us the Campionites different from others.

I remember him kicking us from behind and leading the air show during the sports day with his gliders. He taught us to make monkey bridge and all types of knots with the scout’s rope. He also took us for trekking on the hills behind the school. He also taught us tricks of gardening during the SUPW periods.

He was really a very dynamic person. He was very disciplined but at the same time he was very lovable.

At the time of his funeral many old and renowned personalities from Campion Bombay came down to Bhopal to pay their respects. I feel very lucky to be a part of the institution that this great soul made for us. And I was able to get training from this great personality. Father More you will always be there in our hearts.

Thanks Dilipji for starting such a nice website.