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Ek shabd mein kya tareef karun…

Anil Ojha

Father More is a role model for all Campionites. Lot has been said about Him and we can go on writing endlessly about the Great Saint.

The best way to pay tribute to HIM is by judiciously following the examples set by him. Let us all abstain from Smoking/Drinking on 20th July. Let us render help to at least one needy person on 20th July. Let each one of us make at least 3 resolutions to improve our life, to be strictly followed from 20th July 2010 – 20th July 2011.

Ek Shabd me kya Tareef Karun Father More Ki, Father More, Shabdon mein kahan sama payenge. Bas Itna jaan Lo ki jab bhi baat chalegi, sampoorna shiksha ki, Campionites ki aankhon mein sirf father More hi nazar aayenge.

School Auditorium

Mukesh Mathur 

I was pleased to see our batch mates akhilesh bhargav, dilip mishra here. we had a nice time at old Campion. Father More had a great vision he use to say that we will have a beautiful school building, beautiful auditorium – we use to laugh but now whenever I visit school I feel proud of his great vision.

Salute to a Scout Master

Saaju Anthony 

Fr.More is an enigma, an epitome of Perfection a man possessed with conviction and desire to do things on his own, and that is what was imbibed in the student fraternity that has learnt from him. I owe my formation years in Campion being his cub, sixer as our beloved Scout Master learning the Camp activites and Burma Bridge crossing and so many activities which he lead and taught us.

A grand salute to our Scout Master on his anniversary, and remembering him in our prayers.


Akhilesh Bhargava, Class of 1970

Let us all Salute the Visionary Father More on his 103rd Birth Anniversary. It was the visionary Father More who 40 years back bought 48 acres of land for Campion School. Some questioned his wisdom then. Today all salute his vision and the Campion School enjoys the largest and best school campus in Bhopal.

Thank You Father More for building a solid foundation for Campion.

Founder’s Day

Akhilesh Bhargava

Let us through this website start a move to celebrate July 20th the Birth Anniversary of Campion’s Founder Principal as Founders Day every year at Campion School.

41 years since…

Sunil Gulati, 1969

It has been 41 years since I passed out of Campion. With every year that passes by the respect and regard for Reverend Father More increases in my mind and heart.

Salutations to our “Father” on his 103rd Birth Anniversary.

‘More’ of everything!

Lt Col Premnath Chowdhri 

I am today, what I am, because of him right from the day we shifted from St Josephs in 1969 to TELSTAR Building? To No 10 …Every day was new .. and wonderful and his aura still engulfs me still when I drive past New premises. He visited my father one day and my father started loving me even more. He was just MORE of everything!!

Never say never

Zain Jawadwala

“Never say Never” was what I learnt from this great man – Fr. More. What we learnt at Campion under his tutelage is indescribable. His teachings have remained with us till date and will remain till our last day – and so will his “GOLD MEDALS”.

Papa More


Our own Papa MORE was always loved and will be cherished and remembered in our memories. He may be somewhere in the heavenly skies as an ANGEL- there also helping GOD in some way or the other. On HIS 103rd birthday i seek his blessings.

Extra-curricular Activities

Dilip Mishra, 1970

On the 103rd birth anniversary of Fr. More I am reminded of the influence this great man had on all those who came across him. I moved to Campion School in 1967 just because of the emphasis the school laid on extra curricular activities and the name it made for itself in the very short span.

Although we had asbestos sheds as our classrooms but had the privilege of a separate playfield for each section… unbelievable now. That was the vision of Fr. More.