At St Luke’s, Solan

Dr Uday Sharma

Fr. More joined St. Luke’s Solan (Himachal Pradesh). He was an iconic personality and the most loved person in the school. The Bharat Scouts and Guides were started in the school in his tenure and we all were thrilled by his approach to instil discipline and self-confidence. His sudden demise in an accident still brings tears to our eyes. Happy Birthday Father.

All of us at St Luke’s Solan

Some of us – lucky ones – had a chance to share a few memorable moments with Father More at St Luke’s Solan. We all remember him for his “Boy Scouts and Girl Guides” activities. I’m sure my seniors at St Luke’s have a lot more to add – this note is just to initiate a thread of comments from St Lukes.

Rajdeep Singh Hara

Fr Moore was a Giant who walked amongst us small people …… leading us all the way with his wit … wisdom … and above all else fatherly love …… St Lukes Alumni Boarder …. I love ‘n miss you man …. Fine ……. 🙂

Shailesh Sharma

Hi Everybody……I have spent some wonderful days with father More in my school days at St. Lukes School, Solan H.P.

Admiral Tahiliyani’s Visit

Raja Mukherjee 

It is indeed unfortunate that the video of Admiral R.H.Tahiliyani’s visit to Bhopal to meet up with Fr More is lost. The Admiral was Chief of Naval Staff at that time and among the first batch of students of Campion School, Mumbai. Coincidently, our beloved Mr K.S.Naruka (Kaalu Sir) was one of Admiral Tahilayani’s drill instructors in the Navy.

Mr Arjun Singh’s son Mr Rahul Singh is an alumnus of Campion Bhopal. When the land for the present premises was acquired during Fr More’s time, Mr Arjun Singh was Education Minister of MP.

If any one has a copy of the videos Fr Lombart mentioned, it would be great.