Monthly Archives: August 2010

Excellent website!

Sunil Gulati from the First Batch

This web site dedicated to Father More has become immensely popular among Old Campionites as reflected by the fast climbing visitors meter breaching the 15,000 mark. Let us congratulate and applaud all those who have contributed in making this excellent web site and regularly adding and improving the contents and the presentation


Sachin Sehgal, COBA 95 BATCH

Great time – passed in Campion under guidance of Father More and seniors

Birth Anniversary

Anil Chugh, President COBA

Our efforts to celebrate July 20th the Birth Anniversary of Fr. E. F. More, SJ, as Founder E F More’s Day every year at Campion School by the students and school management are likely to succeed soon. I am thankful to the Kar Sewaks of the Crack Force formed to immortalise the contributions and memory of Reverend Father More for their active efforts and support for the cause.