Fr Joe Saldanha & Fr More

Raja Mukherjee 

I joined in 74. I had the good fortune of seeing Fr More during class 3 onwards. I also happened to be with Fr Joe Saldanha during his last few days in Mumbai. There have been myths about differences between these great individuals. Fr Joe’s last words about Fr More were so full of compassion, love and admiration that reproducing them here would be trivializing his sentiments. How blessed are we to have grown under the shadow of these saintly figures.

In 2009, at Naval yacht club, Colaba, Mumbai, we met fellow Campionites from 1969 batch onwards. They were calling us kids (that made our day, at 40+ being from batch of 83). The jokes they shared we reserve for another occasion, for a gathering around the fire in Campion grounds if such a day comes indeed. This site is like the big trees in the ground (both have since been been decimated) on either end of the football ground whose shade we sought to take a breather. Anybody to shed a tear with me for “Kaalu” Kailash Singh Naruka, whose sole family was Campion?